How do I use the balms?

Most of the balms are best applied to the pulse points of the body. The back of neck, behind ears, temples & inside wrists. After applying to the skin, cup your hands over your mouth and nose, breathing deeply for at least 3 breaths inhaling all of the essential oil goodness. 


How much do I use?

We recommend scooping out about a nails worth of balm from the canister using the back of your nail then warming the balm between your hands to melt it down and apply to the skin.


Are the balms safe to use if I'm pregnant?

Most balms are fine to use in the later stages of pregnancy. 
Some we recommend avoiding when breastfeeding. Although there has been no concerns directly linked to essential oils, we like to list all of the precautions to be safe. 


How long to the balms last?

There is a 12 month expiry on the balms. Depending on how they are stored they will last longer. Its recommended you keep the balm on a cool shelf or cupboard, away from direct sunlight. 
Each canister will last approximately 3 months with daily use.