Donating to $2 from every order to Headspace Australia

Want to become a stockist?

Are you wanting to add a product to your shelves that has a positive impact on your business, your community and the world around you?
A product that people can't live without! 

By becoming a Partner of Honest Health Co. you will: 

✤ Have a brand new product to stock on yourselves that generates more income to your business 
✤ Have a product on your shelves that is becoming wildly popular across Australia
✤ Have no competition in your area - Local Exclusivity
✤ Know that you are contributing to Mental Health Awareness & other important causes
✤ Have flexible payment options when you place your orders. Zip Pay & AfterPay are available for wholesale orders, as well as PayPal, Bank Transfer & Credit Card options. 

There are so many other great things to come by partnering with Honest Health Co. 
We want to see our products fly off your shelves and will support you every step of the way to ensure that happens. 

If you own a shop and are interested in becoming a stockist, just click on the link below and get in touch with the team at Honest Health Co.